The balance between branding and activation

The balance between branding and activation
07 March 2023

Advertising is a crucial part of business. Companies have different goals with their advertising campaigns, such as increasing brand awareness, strengthening their brand image, and stimulating sales. However, there is often uncertainty about the right balance between branding and activation in advertising campaigns.

Les Binet and Peter Field conducted an interesting study to investigate this balance. They found that there is an optimal ratio between branding and activation in advertising campaigns, which depends on the goal of the campaign. For campaigns focused on strengthening the brand image, a ratio of 60% branding and 40% activation is optimal. For campaigns focused on stimulating sales, a ratio of 40% branding and 60% activation is optimal.

Branding aims to build an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer. This can be achieved through creating a consistent and recognizable brand identity and communicating the unique benefits and values of the brand. Activation aims to stimulate direct action from the consumer, such as making a purchase.

It is important to understand that these ratios are not absolute, and that the optimal ratio may vary by industry, product, or target audience. It is also important to emphasize that branding and activation cannot be viewed separately. They together form a holistic approach to advertising that stimulates both emotional bonding and direct action.

Therefore, it is crucial to adopt an integrated approach when developing an advertising campaign. A strategic mix of branding and activation can increase brand awareness, strengthen the brand image, and stimulate sales. It is important to find the right balance to achieve the desired effect.