Advertising on Netflix

Advertising on Netflix
07 March 2023

Netflix has announced that it will offer ad-supported subscription plans in certain markets. The service is since end 2022 available in the United States, Germany, France, and other countries. However, it is still unclear when the service will be made available in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The new subscription plans are intended to provide viewers with more options, as some users may be willing to sit through a few minutes of ads to save on subscription costs. The ad-supported plans will reportedly include 4-5 minutes of advertisements per hour of content.

The pricing for these new plans will vary by region. Currently, in Germany and France, the subscription plans with ads cost around €4.99 per month, while in the US, the plans cost $6.99 per month. It remains to be seen how much the ad-supported plans will cost in other regions.

This move by Netflix is a significant departure from its previous strategy of being entirely ad-free. However, the company has justified the decision by stating that it wants to provide more affordable options for viewers while still maintaining its core ad-free service.